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Project Redcoat: Overview and planning

I hope that everyone reading has had a celebratory and/or restful holiday season! For me it has been celebratory and full of, if not rest, then the love, busyness, and exhausted excitement that only comes from mothering a toddler! As this is my last post of 2020, I thought I would share something new and… Continue reading Project Redcoat: Overview and planning

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The Glory Days of Spring…For The Uninitiated

Seed starting windowsill in Week 13 (22 March) - just starting to see some starts! Note: This post was scheduled to go out last week, April 8. However, I was excited to post about the washable masks, and so pushed this back to this week. All plants have since taken off!! Please check out my… Continue reading The Glory Days of Spring…For The Uninitiated