Spring Clean your Skin Care

Saturday was the official first day of Spring! While most people set resolutions and intentions at New Year’s, I always preferred waiting until the vernal equinox. Spring is a time of renewal and awakening. It’s a time to cast off what’s old and not serving you any longer, in order to make room for new experiences and adventures. In short, it’s time for a little spring cleaning, and that includes your skincare! 

Here’s how you can get your skin feeling renewed and ready for shorts and sundresses.

Switch up the antioxidants!

All antioxidants are among your skin’s best friends, but not necessarily at the same time. For instance, it’s true that Vitamin A, known for its cell regeneration power, is an amazing antioxidant when it comes to skincare. However, new cells can be tender (think of a baby’s skin or the new skin that comes in after a burn), and thus sensitive to the effects of the sun. While this is great in winter to counteract the effects of  the cold, dry air, (and when the sun is at its weakest), it’s not so great in spring.

When the spring sun starts shining, opt for skincare with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or niacinamide. These three antioxidants focus on combating free radicals, controlling the oil production in your skin, and evening out your skin tone.


Check out our Oil Cleanser or Oil Moisturizer, which both contain Jojoba Oil. This super oil is chock full of both Vitamin C and E!

Increase the SPF – Naturally!

Speaking of the spring sun, here in Sweden, we rejoice with the return of the sun. After a long, DARK winter, the first sunny day with above-freezing temperatures will see many Swedes outside during their breaks, sleeves rolled up, trying to soak up as much sun as possible. 

However, sun damage is no joke! Cumulative sun exposure can contribute to fine lines, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. More seriously, it can even lead to skin cancer. 

While you should be protecting your skin against the sun year-round, during the winter most people can get away with a moisturizer containing SPF, plus the inevitable layers of clothing. Come spring, however, add a separate sun care product to your morning routine, with at least SPF 30.


For natural sunblock, look for a product containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide. These Wandering Roots Sun Care line coming soon!


Many people tend to skip over exfoliation during the winter months. Most of us go from the shower straight to long sleeves and pants, so, besides the face, skin tends to be out of sight, out of mind. However, summer or winter, our skin is constantly shedding and renewing cells, around 30 000 – 40 000 per day! Without exfoliation, those cells can become trapped, causing dull-looking skin, or worse, breakouts or irritation. 

A gentle exfoliating product in springtime will spring clean your skin, allowing your natural glow to shine through (you know, once the long johns are packed away).


For gentle exfoliation, try a salt- or sugar-based body scrub, such as our Winter Body Scrub, infused with Vitamin C rich orange and rosehip!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Whether you’ve already set your intentions for 2021, or you like to wait until spring like me, the change of seasons is a great time to check in and evaluate how things are going with your mind and soul, as well as your body. What are some ways you like to celebrate spring?

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