new year, new adventures, pt. 2!

Well! 2021 has had an exciting start for us here at These Wandering Roots! And the changes keep on coming!

The most noticeable of course being the new look of this site! As I explained in the previous post, I’ve decided to separate business from personal a little. I’ve taken on a partner, and we are transitioning to seasonal, organic skin and bodycare products. Therefore this website and blog will be focused on our new products, as well as tips and tricks for having a healthier, more natural self care routine!

I (Cailin), will still be sharing DIY child toy instructions, recipes, thoughts on multi-cultural living, and much more in my new personal blog, The Wandering Hearth. Over the next few weeks I will begin moving a lot of the blog posts over to that domain, and look forward to continuing to share my adventures there!

But as for here, I can’t wait to share what we have in store!

Keep on Wandering!


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