New Year, New Adventures!

Happy (belated) New Year, y’all!

As this is the first post of the New Year, I thought I would share something new! For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook (@thesewanderingroots), you probably already know this, but there have been some changes around the These Wandering Roots family.

First I decided to transition into selling homemade organic, holistic skincare products at the shop! The masks have been my most popular item by far, which is fantastic, because I realized that I love making them. Not only are they something I can make, and keep these fidgety hands from being idle, but they actually do some good. I loved getting messages from buyers telling me how they work in healthcare, or are in a risk group and didn’t want to use so many disposables. I truly believe that, deep down, we humans are programmed to want to do good, and can find true happiness by providing a service to others. 

And I want to continue being of service. Holistic skincare has long been a hobby of mine. I’ve suffered from acne from a young age, and the cleanser I developed after researching the Oil Cleansing (OCM) was the first product in my adult years to truly help my skin. We keep an aloe plant in the kitchen for minor burns and sunburns, and I’ve been experimenting with infused calendula oil for treating my husband’s eczema. 

So it made sense to start to offer them to others! Currently we offer three products, but more are coming very soon! The three current products, or Facial Trio as we’re calling it, are an Oil-based Cleanser that is geared towards OCM (comes with directions on using the Method as well!), a two ingredient Rose Toner, and a Moisturizing Serum, a blend of plant oils designed for improving skin’s texture, and treating various conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and irritation.

Meet Magdalena!

Secondly, did you catch how I said “we”? Yes, I actually have help now! My dear friend Magdalena (@magdalena_hamilton99) is born and raised here in Sweden (though she is part Macedonian, and married to a Macedonian, so she understands the multicultural family part!), and very much into fashion and skincare (you can read more about her at her blog). She has long wanted to start her own skincare company, so we are a match made in heaven! She is MUCH better versed at social media and business practices than I am, and I have the knowledge of organic, homemade skincare.

So again I say, Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s hope 2021 brings health and happiness.

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