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Masks for Good

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So today I was going to post about my garden. It’s been a critical part of our self sufficiency journey, and something that I have decided to delve into a bit, even as an apartment homesteader. And it’s been even more critical this year, with the current crisis.

However, I’ve been watching my favorite homesteading Youtubers and one of the things that seems to be happening is an amazing sense of community and service. There has been an uprise of people starting gardens during this pandemic and the homesteaders who are already established are reaching out and helping the newcomers with seeds, plant starts, or advice. Many are even committing more of their garden to food so that they will be sure to have a surplus to give to those who may not be able to get out to the grocery store.

Which is amazing, and has me inspired, wishing there were something I could do. Unfortunately my ~50 sq ft balcony garden won’t even provide all of OUR food over the summer, much less provide any to give away.

But then my dear friend Tiffany from City Girl Charm posted on my Facebook page, asking if I would be sewing masks in response to the United States’ recent recommendation to keep faces covered while outside the home, in hopes to curb the spread of the virus.

Aha! Here was a way I could get involved! Especially since my husband recently spoiled me with a brand new sewing machine AND serger!

So as of today I will be taking orders for washable, reusable face-covering masks via my Etsy Shop. I plan to have two styles available: the standard accordion-folded surgical mask (which you can get here), as well as a form-fitting, n95-style mask (coming soon!). All masks will meet the CDC recommendations to filter at least 65-70% of particles. All masks will also feature a metal band at the nose to ensure a better fit, as well as a pocket to add an additional filter.

Keep in mind the CDC has warned that wearing face coverings is not a substitute for social distancing. Please continue to use common sense about whether you need to leave your house, and also while you are out. Also, if you are a handy person yourself, be sure to check out their website for instructions on both sew and non-sew face masks. My parents recently made both a recycled teeshirt mask and a bandanna mask when they had to go out (Always the trendsetters!).

But if you are looking for a washable, reusable mask and don’t have the time, means, or patience to make one yourself, #StandWithSmall and come take a look! If we’re going to be wearing these for awhile, might as well make them stylish!

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