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On Social Distancing and Social Media

Lots of time to crochet…

As DD and I enter our fourth week of self-imposed quarantine here in Sweden (pretty much one of the last countries to not have any state-mandated restrictions put in place), I have been feeling a bit stir crazy, and so have decided to make some changes.

First of all, a bit of an update. We are all safe, including our families both here and in the States. Sweden has decided to go a different route than most countries. Instead of mandatory restrictions and quarantines, Swedish officials have limited gatherings to max 50 people, and strongly suggested an increase of hygienic practices and social distancing, and perhaps self-quarantine for the aged or those in risk groups. The thought is that if they can control the spread slowly, then eventually enough people will have been exposed and survived that we can expect a type of “herd immunity” to take hold. They’ve gotten a lot of pushback for this within the EU, and even in certain scientific and medical research circles in Sweden, but there it is.

But enough about that! (If you’re truly interested to read more, I found this article to be pretty informative.) As new parents, my husband and I have decided that DD and I should limit our exposure for now, until we can see better how things are going (He is still going to work, for now).

Which is giving me a lot of time at home! With the exception of almost-daily walks with my Mother-in-law, DD and I have been homebound for almost 4 weeks now. It’s been an adjustment to say the least, but we’re slowly maneuvering our way. But I have been doing a lot of knitting and sewing during her naps, which got me thinking. Maybe it’s time I actually got involved on social media. I could make some good out of this crazy time.

Therefore I’ve revamped my Etsy Shop, where I currently have a mix of home decor items and accessories for sale (Get 10% off through the end of April). I’ve also started a Facebook Page, where I plan to compile all the updates to this blog, the shop, and my Instagram (@thesewanderingroots). Additionally, I am starting a weekly post here every Wednesday, and am currently developing a line of children’s toys for my Etsy Shop.

So stay tuned! A lot is in store here at Wandering Roots!

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