Welcome to Wandering Roots!

One day we’ll live on a farm. One day we’ll be as self-sufficient as possible, and grow our food, raise livestock, keep bees, and build and make as much as we can from scratch.
One day…but we’re not there yet!

Hello! My name is Cailin and I am an American expat in small town Sweden. I live in a third floor apartment with my Swedish Hubby, our Darling Daughter, and a balcony of potted herbs and vegetables.

My husband and I fell in love due to our shared love of self-sufficiency and desire to start living as simply and naturally as possible. We recognize the risks in modern living, with its penchant for disposables, reliance on fossil fuels, and always-wanting-more mentality, and are dedicated to raising our growing family with an alternative lifestyle, focusing more on community-based self-reliance, minimizing our waste and maximizing our happiness.

This site is dedicated to our journey. We have a long way to go to our dream life, but we’re in no rush! Here you’ll find resources, tips and tricks that we discover along the way. These may be related to such things as apartment and container gardening, simple recipes, do-it-yourself crafts and sewing projects, as well as yoga and meditation practices to help feed your mind and soul. I’ll share our successes, our mistakes, as well as funny and frustrating anecdotes drawn from life in a multicultural home.

Our roots are still wandering, but stick around and help us enjoy the journey!